A wet or cold towel is a utility item that helps clean up adults and adults Children have been used quite popular in every family, shops, restaurants, hotels … Since then the wet towel packaging has been It is popular with many people, because it must ensure the quality to pack wet towels inside safely and properly.

Wet towels, after being manufactured, must go through a process of transportation, distribution and distribution. display at shelves before being chosen by consumers. So wet towel packaging not only plays a role of storage, but also an attraction to customers to make buying decisions.

Packaging for wet towels in accordance with safety standards for children

Why do I need to print cold towel packaging?

Wet paper towels are not too strange for each of us. Wet paper towels appear in many places from dining tables in families to the luxurious restaurants. Wet or cold tissue is a product line that is rated as safe, hygienic, creating comfort for users with a gentle fragrance. Use cold towels on the dining table to create luxury, sophistication and improve service quality.

Wet paper towels are not only used to wipe hands, face, mouth … but it is also a The product serves as a very effective advertising tool. So the printing of wet towels packaging with brand name will help increase the connection between businesses, restaurants, bars with customers better, helping them remember their brand name. Therefore, printing cold pack packaging is very important for business units.

Printing wet wipes will be a smart business strategy to help develop your brand effectively without having to pay too much. Besides, the printing on the cold pack packaging must also be taken care of very seriously, focusing on attracting customers and expressing the distinctions for the brand. Especially the brand name must be printed prominent, easy to read.

In addition, wet towels will not be as safe as people think if the box, packaging is not guaranteed Completely sealed, the opening and closing will make bacteria appear. Therefore, it is essential to invest in the production and printing of wet packagings packaging.

Forms of printing wet towel packaging


Grid print, otherwise known as hand print

A printing technique based on the principle of ink permeation through the grid, images, patterns will be printed on top The surface of the material chosen by earlier the meshes has been completely sealed with chemicals, and in the field of wet towel packaging printing we are talking about this type of printing has the following characteristics to note:

– Print one color on top of available color patterns and print only one front of the cover cold towel packaging.

– The sharpness of the text on the packaging is about 95 – 96%.

– Low cost of prints of this type.

– Businesses can print cold tissue packaging in small quantities when choosing this type of printing. </ span>

Print Flexo machine on wet towel packaging:

– Print on existing packaging templates

– Print two colors side by side and side by side that print normally doesn’t print.

– Print both sides, front and back of packaging.

– The sharpness of the ink on the packaging is about 96 – 97%, the ink color is very stable. </ span>

Gravure printing machine printing on wet towel packaging:

– This is the most advanced printing of the three types

– Print quite a lot of colors on cold towel packaging

– Choose the color of packaging easily as you like

– The sharpness of the text on the standard packaging is 100%

– Print on both sides, front and back of wet cloth packaging. </ p>

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Why choose Binh Minh Packaging?

In ấn sản xuất bao bì chất lượng, an toàn

Application of advanced quality printing technology

– With quality printing techniques such as silk screen printing and gravure printing, and products are carefully checked In advance, before handing over to customers, Binh Minh always commits to bring the best wet towel packaging products to customers.

– Binh Minh Packaging always consciously competes on market price and quality assurance for products .

Working staff:

– Professional, caring, thoughtful staff to ensure orders arrive customers on time

– Our staff is well-trained in packaging and printing techniques and techniques. meet customer needs with quality products, prestige with a distinctive feature.

Current Binh Minh packaging with modern machines and equipment, technology print production of wet towel packaging Advanced and professional guarantee will satisfy customers when coming to us. For further information, please contact us for advice today.

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