Share 9 remarkable development trends of the packaging industry in 2020

Industry packaging production printing is currently thriving and is beginning to rain in the market today. So, what are the noticeable trends in the packaging industry in 2020? Businesses need to catch up right away to be able to develop and promote the brand in the best way. Let’s find the answer through this article now okay!

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1. Environmentally friendly packaging trends


This is a trend that many businesses are interested in. Because not only contributes to reducing the impact of the environment but also brings many practical benefits for them: saving design costs, building a sustainable brand development strategy, … < / span>


Besides, choosing to produce environmentally friendly packaging also creates opportunities for businesses stable and long-term development in the future.


An eco-friendly packaging comes in many forms: choosing safe materials, images of nature, images painted by hand or printed on packaging, …

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2. Minimalist trends


Minimalist style is a packaging design that eliminates unnecessary images, words, and textures setting room for key elements such as color, word arrangement. These two factors contribute to creating a perfect packaging of a product.


Highlights of this trend despite eliminating unimportant elements while ensuring harmony , balance and create more unique and impressive.


However, the limitation of this trend is a problem for packaging designers. </ span>


3. Color effect trends


This is a trend of product packaging design has been popular recently. Because it brings bright, striking colors. Create a sense of excitement, novelty for consumers.


How to design color effects for this packaging is very new, blended from many different colors, create an artful packaging product and none of it can be imitated.


4. Black and white packaging trends


The trend of black and white packaging is old but never cool or boring in design projects packaging. Because, using these two opposite colors helps distinguish the groups of objects to show in the packaging and highlight the relationship between them.


In addition, these two colors also create a strong impression on the viewer thanks to their charm and power. , their mystery and subtlety.


This is a truly perfect 2020 packaging trend for you to choose product packaging design to persuade customers.

Trends have changed a lot in years of development

5. Trend in using large fonts

This trend has grown wildly in 2019 and will become the hottest trend in 2020. Thanks to The combination of upper and lower case letters, messy arrangement and eye-catching color choices has created a product that attracts users, especially the young.

6. Trends in the use of illustrations on packaging

This is a strong packaging element, predicted to be the most prominent trend in 2020. They borrow Hand-painted images, striking colors to tell the story on packaging to meet customers’ goals, so they can better understand the product. And illustrations also help to attract viewers.

7. Bold color trends

Using bold colors will make an impressive product unforgettable, thanks to the striking color of the bag Product packaging on shelves will get customers attention and strong impression.

This trend is often chosen by many businesses in the fields, especially the food industry: cakes candy, canned juice, .. they all choose bold colors like red, orange, .. to design the packaging. Therefore, this trend will never stop being hot.

8. Handmade – crafting trends

Predict how this trend will stand out thanks to the highlights: natural, creative, close Friendly, easy to apply. In addition, the samples made from handcraft will also make users appreciate the product more because it takes a lot of time and effort to design.

To conquer customers, businesses need to understand the emerging trends in 2020

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9. Transparent packaging trends

This packaging trend is primarily designed for packaging types of cosmetics, closed beverages. bottle, ..

Details, printed images are used with transparent stickers or printed directly on glass, and used Use contrasting white to make the background color.

The choice to use transparent packaging to highlight the product is a two-way relationship. It allows the implementation of a minimal approach following the design process to house the center without losing the aesthetics or visual satisfaction of the packaging.

Binh Minh Packaging hope that with the suggestions on the outstanding development orientation of the packaging industry in 2020 will help your business have the best choice of trend. development direction in the near future.

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